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LAN Party Northwest in the News
 LAN Party Northwest in the News:
LPNW is happy to have been covered by Local Newspapers, radio, and web sites. Take a look a few of our "news" worthily moments below.

 11/15/2005 -
Author: Alan McCloskey

''Being married 11 years and having two kids; the only time I get to game is at these parties, and I just want to continue that. The larger LANs help the community continue on a larger scale with the gamers that canít attend the monthly ones.'' continue the story follow this link:
 09/08/2005 - Paradigm Shift
Author: Xen

''LanPartyNW itself was very well run overall, with absolutely no power or connectivity problems. The Everett Events Center is a fantastic venue, and loading/unloading was even easier than the last 400 man lan. Several Silvertips games were taking place as well which provided a nice break from the games. There were quite a number of no shows though due to the Labor Day weekend and several other factors. It was a sad sight to see, but Iím sure the next LanpartyNW will be even better with the lessons learned from this past event. The tournaments that we participated in were very well run, with supportive admins when needed.'' continue the story follow this link: TeamParadigmShift
 08/22/2005 - Penny-Arcade
Author: (CW)TB

''...if you missed out on the PAX BYOC, be sure to sign up for LanpartyNW's 400 Man Lan the following weekend! They're helping run the PC room at PAX too!'' continue the story follow this link:
 08/07/2005 - The News Tribune (Tacoma, WA) Sunday Paper

The News Tribune (Tacoma, WA) Sunday Paper
The computer mod squad
BILL HUTCHENS; The News Tribune

''LAN Party Northwest hosts monthly “gLAN” gaming events (so called because they take place in Harper’s renovated garage) as well as two large LAN events each year in Everett. Gamers from all over the country have shown up at their 400-Man LAN events. The next one is Sept. 2-4, and Harper said he expects to see some wild case mods entered in the event’s case-mod contest.'' continue the story follow this link: The News Tribune
07/22/2005 MTV2

MTV2 Show: POD Crashers
MTV2 films the Frag Dolls during our Jan. '05 400ML Event

''We're here at Northwest Tournaments'' watch the full Cable TV show follow this link: MTV2
06/26/2005 - Northwest LAN Review

NorthWest LAN Review: gLAN
Reviewers of Northwest area LAN events

''Now this is an organization that knows what it's doing! They have been hosting LAN parties in a number of venues for over 3 years, and are quite experienced.'' continue the story follow this link: Northwest LAN Review
02/05/2005 - Tom's Hardware Guide

Tom's Hardware Guide: Review of Jan. '05 400ML
Derek Boiko-Weyrauch

''The cacophony of battle includes the thrum of explosions and the screams of the dying. Does this sound like your average day at the office? Perhaps not, but in addition to the shouts from the crowd, more prizes than you can shake an AWP at, a vending machine filled with the nectar of the caffeine Gods and plenty of Bawls; and you have LANPartyNW's 400 Man LAN. It is 24 full hours of gaming, mayhem and free goodies, which this year was never more fun.'' continue the story follow this link: Tom's Hardware Guide
01/30/2005 - Everett Herald

Everett Herald: Finger-twitching marathon
Yoshi - ?

''Finger-twitching marathon'' continue the story follow this link:
01/28/2005 - Frag Dolls

Frag Dolls: 400ML
Frag Dolls Rhoulette & Valkyrie

''We love any opportunity to chug Red Bull, live on Pringles, and tweak out on games for hours with our fellow gamers, so we're really excited about this event. If you happen to live anywhere near Everett, WA you should come check it out.'' continue her Blog follow this link: Frag Dolls - Rhoulette

''Yippee do-rah, I participated in my first PC LAN party this weekend, and what a trip it was. Firstly, I got to meet one of our forum friends Calistah, and her great boyfriend who had settled their PC’s next to our Xbox setup. The day started amidst a hundreds of bright-eyed, bushy-tailed gamers ready to battle on their favorite games, as I cracked my first Red Bull. Counter-strike, Half-Life 2, War Craft, etc, all the heavy hitters were there, along with their heavy hitter players.'' continue her Blog follow this link: Frag Dolls - Valkyrie
01/27/2005 9:17am - 96.5 KROCK

Raido interview: KROCK
Andy Savage interview with LPNW's M A V I C

''Do you see the same people.. coming to these, like people coming from out-of-state.. and are they notorious game winners?'' listen to the full radio interview follow this link: KROCK
02/05/2005 - ThermalTake

ThermalTake - Sponsor - Website Article

''LAN Party Northwest (LPNW) held a wonderful lanparty and about two hundred members attended this party. Thermaltake sponsored products impressed all fans and got higher recognition. TT sponsorship banner "cool all your life" was hung off the conference room and attracted most attention.'' listen to the full radio interview follow this link:
12/02/2002 - SoyoUSA

SOYO Motherboard Manufacture / Sponsor

''The SOYO KT400 DRAGON Ultra (black edition) was the grand prize at the LAN event.'' continue the news blurb follow this link:
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