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Firefox 3
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 Ensure you don't leave home without these items:

Equipment Checklist:
Your personal gaming computer
Your monitor
Monitor cable
Power cables
Power strip (surge protector)
Peripherals (keyboard & mouse)
Mousepad (comes in handy)
Network cable (10-25 feet)
Network card (100Mbit-1,000Mbit)
Headphones (with mic optional)
Labels (to mark your equipment)
Sharpie (must have for CD-R's)
Do not bring:
Computer speakers (BiG No No)
Subwoofers (BiGGer No No)
Extra systems (Pre-approval)

Software Checklist:
Game disks
System OS and driver CD's
Blank CD's for burning backups
Start-up or Boot-disks (if needed)
Comfort items:
Home computer chair
Seat cushion
Pillow (for a power nap)
Personal Snacks
Snack bowl
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